Workshop with dye and medicinal plants

講習会 東京2019 Schedule of workshops in Tokyo, 2019

◯天然染料顔料会議報告2017 にて発表した「藍発酵建に添加する養分、管理温度とpHについて」の4種類の藍染料から、2種類の藍染料それぞれの発酵建を行い、発酵の維持・管理と数種類の天然繊維の染色結果を比較する。


◯About 4 kinds of indigo dyes, “Nutrient elements, temperature and pH for indigo vats with fermentation” published in 2017 annual report of Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference ; hold the workshop, “Making 2 kinds of indigo vats with fermentation, then growing vats and dyeing several natural fibre with 2 vats, make a comparison with each vat.

First workshop : 21, 22, 23, 25, 27th, February, 2019, Tokyo. Making vats and explain how to dye and keep vats,  after 2 weeks, dye again. After 1 month, dye again and check the growing of dye-affinity, and hold the discussion.

研究中の染料薬用植物 My studying dye and medicinal plants

▽タデアイ Polygonum tinctorium

▽インドアイ  Indigofera tinctoria

▽ホソバタイセイ(ウォード)Isatis tinctoria

▽リュウキュウアイ Strobilanthes cusia

▽ムラサキ Lithospermum erythrorhizon

▽ニホンアカネ Rubia akane