Workshop with dye and medicinal plants





1. すくも藍とインド藍(沈澱藍・固形)それぞれの藍建、管理、染色

2. タデアイの生葉から藍顔料生成

Workshop of making 2 kinds of indigo vats with fermentation and indigo pigments for painting. 

Vanue : Studio and laboratory(Sapporo, Otaru, Tohbetsu)

Date :  July 29th-August 2nd(Lab), August 3rd-4th(studio & farm)

Program : Exposition and practical works of production and dyeing.

1. Making and maintenance a sukumo(fermented leaves)vat and indigo cake vat, dyeing clothes and paper by some technique.

2. Making indigo pigments with fresh leaves of Polygonum tinctorium


Couched woad vat, indigo cake vat, Strobilanthes indigo paste vat, Sukumo vat


 indigo pigments for painting and printing(no lime)

・登録期間:3月25日〜31日 定員:5人


・the term of registration : March 25-31

・a fixed number :5 persons

・the registration fee : JPY60,000/7days, include texts, fermenting indigo solution, raw indigo pigments, works of study, materials of resist dyeing

・申込先 application : hisakos  @  (空白を詰めて使用下さい)

染料薬用植物の研究 My studying of dye and medicinal plants

▽タデアイ Polygonum tinctorium

▽インドアイ  Indigofera tinctoria

▽ホソバタイセイ(ウォード)Isatis tinctoria

▽リュウキュウアイ Strobilanthes cusia

▽ムラサキ Lithospermum erythrorhizon

▽ニホンアカネ Rubia akane