共同研究が International Journal of Molecular Sciences より発行されました

“Effect of Fermentation Scale on Microbiota Dynamics and Metabolic Functions for Indigo Reduction”

Nowshin Farjana, Hiromitsu Furukawa, Hisako Sumi, and Isao Yumoto*


International Journal o f Molecular Sciences


庭の染料植物 Dye-plants in garden


This year it was spring when the temperature did not rise easily, but in June, if the weather was fine, the temperature exceeded 20 degrees during the day, and the dye plants in the garden grew.
This year, I plan to make woad balls from woad I sowed last year, and then ferment the woad balls that I made last year, fermented and dried for the second time to make couched woad

ニホンアカネRubia akane
ニホンアカネ Rubia akane






ムラサキ Lithospermum erythrorhizon
ウォード、ホソバタイセイ Isatis tinctoria
ウォード、ホソバタイセイ Isatis tinctoria
ムツバアカネ Rubia tinctorum
コガネバナ Scutellaria baicalensis










2017 ウォード Isatis tinctoria seedling
2018 エゾタイセイ Isatis tinctoria yezoensis, seedling
2018 ウォードI.tinctoria エゾタイセイI.yezoensis
2018 ウォード I.tinctoria

2021 エゾタイセイ I.tinctoria yezoensis

色素確認のたたき染 I.yezoensis
2018 ウォードボール woad balls
2019ウォードすくも couched woad

2022 ウォードすくも発酵建液 The fermented couched woad vat
2022 初染 苧麻布 First dyeing ramie cloth

Dominique Cardon & Iris Brémaud published, “PAUL GOUT’S 157 COLOURS”

Dominique Cardon & Iris Brémaud published, “PAUL GOUT’S 157 COLOURS”

ドミニク カルドン、イリス ブレモーが「ポール グッツの157色」を出版しました。

From QR code to publisher site,  QRコードから出版社サイトへ

From PC, パソコンから http://www.lesmotsquiportent.fr

本文30-31ページ 図11:ウォード-インド藍靛建で染色、角寿子の北の藍染織工房、北海道、2022年1月(本著より)


pages 30-31, Fig.11: Woad-and Indigo vat “fit for work” in Hisako Sumi’s North-Indigo Textile Art Studio in Hokkaido, January 2022.(from this book)

page 47, Fig.22: Artist and dyer Hisako Sumi’s scale of blues obtained from her couched woad-and-indigo vat in her North-Indigo Art Studio in Hokkaido.(from this book)

新種の藍還元菌A new species of indigo reducing bacteria, “Fundicoccus fermenti sp. nov”

昨年、北の藍染織工房のウォードすくも+インド藍靛(indigo cake)+木灰+小麦麩建液から新種の藍還元菌が分析され、認定されました。(2022年2月14日)

Last year, a new species of indigo-reducing bacteria was analyzed and certified from Woad-Indigo vat(couched woad + indigo cake + wood ash lye+ wheat bran) liquid in North-Indigo Textile Arts Studio. (February 14, 2022)

Fundicoccus fermenti sp. nov

Fundicoccus fermenti sp. nov., an indigo-reducing facultative anaerobic alkaliphile isolated from indigo fermentation liquor used for dyeing


インドアイ乾燥葉パウダーの活用 Use Indigofera tinctoria dried leaf powder






「Indigofera tinctoria L.の葉の粉末は、微生物群集の急速な移行を誘導することにより、藍の還元の開始を促進する」

著者:Helena Lopes, Zhihao Tu, Hisako Sumi, Isao Yumoto,

発行: 国際ジャーナル”フロンティア 微生物学部門(非営利)


Regarding the use of Indigofera tinctoria dried leaf powder, I used it for indigo dyeing for the first time in 2000 and made it public at the workshop.
Since 2015, this joint research paper has been the result of a number of indigo fermentation projects and ongoing trials to increase the activity of microorganisms.

Natural Dyeing Note 2021 “Fermented dyeing” (booklet with dye sample clothes) and Kindle version shows how to use it.

“Indigofera tinctoria L. leaf powder promotes initiation of indigo reduction by inducing of rapid transition of the microbial community”,

by Helena Lopes, Zhihao Tu, Hisako Sumi, Isao Yumoto, published in Frontiers in Microbiology, section Extreme Microbiology.

To view the online publication, please click here:


This article is an open access publication


Utilization of Indigofera tinctoria dried leaf powder: Bought Indigofera tinctoria dried leaf powder in June 2000, test dyeing at atelier in Otaru, regular workshop at GEIC in Aoyama, Tokyo. I left it. After about 30 minutes, the entire liquid surface was covered with indigo to purple bubbles like indigo vats, confirming that it was possible to dye silk, wool, and linen with excitement.

Since 2010, I have been making the fermented indigo vat using the precipitated indigo of Strobilanthes cusia with lye and wheat bran. Indigofera tinctoria fresh keaves immersed in water for 1 day was added to 100 L of indigo cake lye vat, and microbial activity was confirmed the next day.

In March 2015, I visited the field of Indigofera tinctoria and the manufacturing process of indigo cake and dry leaf powder, purchased each, the old fermented sukumo vat 200L, the paste of leaf powder and water added to indigo vat In addition, two days later, the fermentation became stronger and the indigo dyed color was confirmed. Used to prepare Indigo cake 100L vat and dyed 1kg each of ramie, cotton and wool.

The above progress and research based on the analysis of the fermented liquid have become two joint research papers in 2021 and this time.



冬の間にゆっくり染めた絹真綿/Floss silk dyed slowly during the winter


Floss silk has sericin remaining and is compatible with indigo.
After dyeing, it is well oxidized, dyed and oxidized repeatedly, and soaked it in water. And then, rinsed it with lukewarm water. The dyed colour did not return to water. Dry in the sun in a short time. 

濡らした絹真綿を藍建液に浸ける。Soak wet floss sik in indigo vat.


絹真綿は動かさないで染める。Floss silk is dyed without moving
インジゴが還元された緑色が美しい。The green color of reduced indigo is beautiful
薄めの藍色の時も染めと酸化を繰り返す。Even when dyeing a light indigo color, dyeing and oxidation are repeated.
絹真綿を取り出して絞って酸化する。Take out Floss silk, squeeze it and oxidize
染めた後、ぬるま湯で2~3回濯いだ後の水。Water after dyeing and rinsing with lukewarm water 2-3 times.
この冬に藍染した羊毛布と絹真綿 Indigo-dyed wool cloth and Floss silk this winter