履歴 CV

角 寿子  染織家

Hisako SUMI Textile-dyeing artist

1983, 初個展「糸と布のかたち」札幌。以降、函館、長野、東京、小樽  the first personal exhibition “The shape of thread and fibre”, Sapporo. After this, held in Hakodate, Nagano, Tokyo, Otaru,

1984, 北の藍染織工房設立(北海道)established “North-Indigo Textile Art Studio”, Hokkaido, Japan

1985〜 藍染羊毛手織服地制作、初展示・販売(札幌)Indigo dyed wool hand-woven cloth production, first exhibition / sale (Sapporo)

1988~1990, アトリエハウス滞在(長沼町)、原毛の藍染~手紡・手織服地、タピストリー 制作  Stayed at the atelier house (Naganuma Town), produced indigo dyeing of raw wool, hand-spun and hand-woven clothing, and tapestries.

1991, 1994パリ個展、1999、 2000年ルシヨン個展 personal exhibition in 1991&1994, Paris and in 1999&2000, Okhra, Roussillon, France.

2006/4-2007/3,  北海道大学CoSTEP選科修了 completed a electing course of  “Communication in Science & Technology, Education & Research Program in Hokkaido University

2011-2012, 北海道大学CoSTEP研修科修了 completed a training course of “Communication in Science & Technology, Education & Research Program in Hokkaido University

展覧会、シンポジウム、講演 Exhibition, Symposium, Lecture

1995, 出席、第2回国際シンポジウム「ウォード、インジゴ、天然染料ー過去、現在、未来」トゥールーズ、フランス attendance at 2nd International Symposium “Woad, Indigo and other Natural Dyes:Past, Present and Future”, in Toulouse, France

1999,  口頭発表、展覧会、藍建ワークショップ、シンポジウム「色と植物」ルシヨン・アプト、フランス Oral presentation,”EZOTAISEI-Isatis tinctoria yezoensis, autochthonous indigo plant in Hokkaido Japan”, personal exhibition and workshop of making indigo vat fermented  SUKUMO at Symposium “la couleur, ce vegetal”, in Roussillon and Apt, France

2000, 講習会・アジアの染色「すくも藍発酵建と紅花染、二藍」、作品出展 Exhibition of Art works,”On verra plutôt le ciel…” , workshop, Tentures d’Asie, FUTA-AI with fermented Sukumo vat and over dye Safflower, Association OKHRA-ANCIENNE USINE MATHIEU CONSERVATOIRE DES OCRES et PIGMENTS APPLIQUÉS, Roussillon, France

2006, 口頭発表 ユネスコ&インド工芸委員会主催,国際天然染料シンポジウム ハイデラバード、インド Oral presentation “Protecting Natural Dye-Plants and the traditional dyeing-technique in Japan: Promotion of Natural Dyes as the sustainable Natural Resources through Expert-Networks” at UNESCO & The Crafts Council of India “The International Natural Dye Symposium”, in Hyderabad, India

2008, 企画「染料薬用植物フォーラム」小樽、札幌、当別、名寄 produced “Forum on Dye and Medicinal Plants”, in Otaru, Sapporo, Tobetsu, Nayoro in Japan

2008, ポスター発表「国際天然染料シンポジウムと展覧会」大邱、韓国    Poster session, “AKANE & AI & MURASAKI”, International Symposium & Exhibition on Natural Dyes, in Taegu, Korea

2011,ポスター発表・紫根染実演「国際天然染料シンポジウムと展覧会」ラ ロシェル、フランス、Poster session “Comparison of dye produced from both of fresh and dry MURASAKI roots”, Demonstration of dyeing with MURASAKI at  “International Symposium & Exhibition on Natural Dyes”, in La Rochelle, France

2012, 口頭発表「国際天然染料と繊維のシンポジウムと展覧会」クチン、マレーシア、Oral presentation at “International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes & World ECO-Fiber and Textile Forum”, in Kuching, Malaysia

2015, 口頭発表・出展「工芸を超えて」シンポジウム、主催:ギャラリーペトロナス、クアラルンプール、マレーシア、Oral presentation and exhibition at “Beyond Crafts Symposium” at Gallery PETRONAS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2017, 口頭発表 Oral presentation”5 Indigo Plants and Producing Dyes and Vats” at “International Festival of Plants, Ecology and Colours” in Madagascar, Africa

2020, 招請講演「日本の含藍植物、藍染料、藍発酵建法」フランス国立美術史研究所、パリ Invitation Lecture “Couleurs du vivant,  L’indigo au Japon et le Savoir-faire des Cuves à Fermentation” at Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris, France, on 26, Feb, 2020.

2020, 作品制作映像と作品出展、発酵による2種類の藍建液とタデアイを使った沈澱藍と顔料作りワークショップ,「2020北方のいろ共同制作ワークショップと国際天然の色展」in 札幌

2020, exhibited work production videos and art works on the official YouTube page and the Glass Pyramid “HIDAMARI” in Moerenuma-park, Sapporo City at the “2020 Northern Color Joint Production Workshop and International Natural Color Exhibition”.

実践・研究報告、投稿 Research Report, Contribution

共著, a joint work:

2023, “Woaded Blue: A Colorful Approach to the Dialectic between Written Historical Sources, Experimental Archaeology, Chromatographic Analyses, and Biochemical Research”

Dominique Cardon 1,*, Zvi C. Koren 2, Hisako Sumi 3

Heritage 2023, 6(1), 681-704; https://doi.org/10.3390/heritage6010037

2022, “Indigofera tinctoria L. leaf powder promotes initiation of indigo reduction by inducing of rapid transition of the microbial community”

Helena Lopes, Zhihao Tu, Hisako Sumi, Isao Yumoto

Frontiers in Microbiology, section Extreme Microbiology (09 August 2022),


2022, “HPLC analyses of indigoids and related compounds in selected indigo-producing plants.”

Zvi Koren , Dominique Cardon , Hisako Sumi , David Santandreu , Aboubacar Fofana , Charllotte Kwon , Tim Mcloughlin , Iris Brémaud,     ⟨hal-03831317⟩

31st International Horticultural Conference – ICH 2022 “Horticulture for a world in transition”, Symposium S22 “Natural colorants from plants”, 14-20 August 2022, Angers, France.

2021, “Indigofera tinctoria leaf powder as a promising additive to improve indigo fermentation prepared with sukumo (composted Polygonum tinctorium leaves)”

Helena de Fátima Silva Lopes1,2 · Zhihao Tu1 · Hisako Sumi3 · Hiromitsu Furukawa4 · Isao Yumoto1,2

World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology (2021) 37:179 https://doi.org/10.1007/s11274-021-03142-y

Received: 19 April 2021 / Accepted: 9 August 2021
© The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature B.V. 2021

2021, “Analysis of bacterial flora of indigo fermentation fluids utilizing composted indigo leaves (sukumo) and indigo extracted from plants (Ryukyu-ai and Indian indigo)”

Helena de Fátima Silva Lopes,1,2 Zhihao Tu,1,2 Hisako Sumi,3 and Isao Yumoto1,2,*

  1389-1723/$ e see front matter ! 2021, The Society for Biotechnology, Japan. All rights reserved. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbiosc.2021.05.004

Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering VOL. 132 No. 3, 279e286, 2021

2018, Poster session, joint research “In antoine Janot’s blue steps”,  Dominique CARDON*, Hisako SUMI, David Santandreu, Aboubakar Fofana, Charllotte Kwon & Tim McLAughlin, Iris Bremaud,   “The 37th Dyes in History & Archaeology ” , UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA-CAPARICA, Portugal, ⟨hal-01979450⟩https://eventos.fct.unl.pt/dha37/files/dha37_book_of_abstract_sitedha_0.pdf   p37-38

2016, インドアイ(マメ科)からの固体藍染料の微生物
Microbes in solid indigo dyes made from Indigofera sp.

○Yutaka TOKIWA1, Hisako SUMI2, Hiroto YOKARYO3 (1Green Products Laboratory Ltd., 2North-Indigo Textile Art Studio, 3Okinawa Industrial Technology Center)


2016, 天然の藍染料を用いた藍染め液の微生物
Microbes in indigo dyeing solution using natural indigo dyes
常盤 豊 1、角 寿子 2、ノームホルム アタポン 3、世嘉良 宏斗 4

(1 グリーン・プロダクツ・ラボ、2 北の藍染織工房、3 アジア工科大学院、4 沖縄県工業技術センター)
○Yutaka TOKIWA1, Hisako SUMI2, Athapol NOOMHORM3, Hiroto YOKARYO4 (1Green Products Laboratory Ltd., 2North-Indigo Textile Art Studio, 3Asian Institute Technology, 4Okinawa Industrial Technology Center)


単著, a single work:


2004, “Producing indigo paste with Polygonum tinctorium and dye with fermentation, and production of SUKUMO”


2010, “Cultivation and dyeing of Polygonum tinctoriaum, Rubia Akane,  Lithospermum erythrorhizon” 

2013年「堅牢な藍染にするための材料の選択とpH・温度・養分の調整1 すくも藍」

2013, “Choices of materials for increasing fastness, conditioning of pH, temperature and nutrient elements——-1 SUKUMO”

2014年「堅牢な藍染にするための材料の選択とpH・温度・養分の調整2 琉球藍」

2014, “Choices of materials for increasing fastness, conditioning of pH, temperature and nutrient elements——-2 Ryukyu-Ai”


2015, “The different of production of indigo paste and making vats by regional varieties”



2016, “Producing indigo dyes and making vats with 5 kinds of indigo plants in Japan”

2016, “Fermenting woad-indigo vat”


2017, “Nutrient element which is added to fermenting indigo vat, temperature and pH for growing vats”


2018, “Wool dyeing with 4 kinds of fermenting vats—-1”


“Color from Nature”- Annual Report of Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference


2021, “Natural Dyeing Note 2021”, 1st-Rubiaceae, 2nd-Boraginaceae, 3rd-Yellow Dye-plants, 4th-Brown & Grey Dye-plants, 5th-Fermented Dyeing,Indigo & others, published by NPO Earth Network

2022年 天然染色ノート2021 Amazon Kindle版発行、8月「発酵染」(日本語版)、「ムラサキ科紫根」(日本語版)  

「ムラサキ科 紫根」英語版22ページ+染色試料集1P         Amazon.com  Kindle 発行

2022, “Natural Dyeing Note 2021”, “Fermented Dyeing,Indigo & others”,  “Boraginaceae-Purple roots” Japanese edition published from Kindle

Natural Dyeing Note “Boraginaceae-Purple root” English edition, 22 pages and the dyed clothes samples sheet(1page),  published from Amazon, Kindle

ワークショップ Workshop

1986-1994 染織教室設置(北海道)established the textile teaching room(Hokkaido)

1986~2021 藍建ワークショップ開催(国内外、オンライン)held the workshop for making and growing indigo vat(home and abroad and on-line)

2022, 北海道医療大学公開講座「天然染料と藍:媒染染色と発酵染」6~10月, 5回連続講座Health Sciences University of Hokkaido Open Lecture “Natural Dyes and Indigo: Mordanting and Fermentation Dyeing” June-October, 5 consecutive lectures

助成、受賞 Grants and prize

1989, 北海道「北の生活文化振興事業」による海外研修補助(欧州)に採択 received the grant from Hokkaido government for overseas training tour in Europe

1998, 北海道科学産業振興財団一般道民研究賞受賞「発酵作用と鉱泉媒染による自然に還せる植物染の研究」”Study of plant dyeing returned nature using fermentation and mordant with mineral spring”, Hokkaido Foundation for the Promotion of Scientific and Industrial Technology

2011, 国際交流基金、企画「日本の天然染料と家蚕絹を使った紬着物の展示と技法解説とデモンストレーション」”Displays, commentaries on techniques and demonstration for TSUMUGI-KIMONO with Japanese natural dyes and domesticated silkworm was adopted by Japan Foundation

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